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At BrightBirds, we fully understand the importance of professionalism in the healthcare industry.

Our team members possess in-depth knowledge of the vital industry processes—thanks to this, they will easily find top-notch specialists for your clinic. We recruit medical personnel for various roles.

Thanks to our recruitment services, many healthcare institutions have expanded their in-house teams with exceptional staff members. Numerous hospitals and clinics see us as a trusted recruitment agency—we can quickly find the right candidates who fully meet the requirements of any medical facility.


Let us find exceptional talent for your organization

Our proficient team members will guide you through the entire recruitment process. Whether you're seeking permanent staff members or temporary employees, we will help you find optimal specialists for the following roles:


Rely on our meticulous talent acquisition process

  1. 1

    Top-tier talent

    We attract top-tier talent by fostering relationships with industry professionals. We connect you with the best candidates for your team.

  2. 2

    Comprehensive screening

    Comprehensive screening gives us invaluable insights into candidates' skills, personalities, and career aspirations. As a result, you obtain a perfect fit for your organization.

  3. 3

    Best candidates

    We offer you candidates who can seamlessly integrate into your team. Specialists we find are fully equipped to excel from day one.

  4. 4

    Diverse pool of top-notch talent

    We provide access to a diverse pool of top-notch talent. We deliver exceptional service tailored to your industry's requirements.

  5. 5

    Onboarding process

    We guide the specialists we’ve found through the entire onboarding process until they are successfully integrated into your team.

Expand your workforce with top talent

Looking for skilled professionals to strengthen your company? Contact us to discuss your recruitment needs!


Comprehensive recruitment solutions for every role



Need short-term expertise? We’ll help you find skilled professionals for temporary contracts.



The professionals we recruit not only meet your temporary requirements but can also seamlessly transition to permanent roles within your company.



From entry-level to executive positions — we’ll help you find the perfect fit for your permanent staffing needs.

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Frequently asked questions

What services does BrightBirds offer?

BrightBirds offers end-to-end recruitment perfectly tailored to the unique business needs of companies across various sectors. We have access to several dozen recruiters who carry out all the vital tasks, from gathering business/project requirements to sourcing top candidates, conducting interviews, and extending job offers to the perfect match. Upon request, we provide technical assessments for such areas as IT and assist you with employee relocation. Also, we establish competitive salary ranges based on internal data and external market audits.

What industries does BrightBirds specialize in?

Finance, healthcare, aviation, telecom, automotive, IT, human resources, engineering, construction, customer services, and logistics—these are the key industries we work with. As our team members have in-depth knowledge and experience within these sectors, we can easily find skilled professionals who will fully align with the specific requirements and nuances of your industry.

How quickly can BrightBirds provide the first CV?

Our proficient recruiters work diligently to ensure you receive your first batch of candidate CVs within 2 days of initiating the recruitment process. Furthermore, we aim to schedule the first interview with a promising candidate within two weeks.

How large is your team of recruiters?

We have access to over 60 highly skilled and experienced recruiters. We can assign professionals experienced in specific fields to your recruitment needs. Thanks to our diverse expertise, we can efficiently handle high-volume hiring requirements. At the same time, we stay focused on the individual needs of each client and offer them personalized services.

How does BrightBirds ensure a streamlined recruitment process?

Efficiency and effectiveness at every step are our top priorities. First, we gather detailed requirements for a role, including essential skills, experience, and qualifications. After that, we search for candidates and create a database of available specialists who meet your business needs. Next, our recruiters conduct comprehensive interviews, assessing each candidate's qualifications, skills, and cultural fit. If needed we create a candidate comparison table with thoroughly arranged and summarized key attributes, qualifications, and interview assessments—this will help you choose the right specialist. Once you select the ideal candidate, we extend the job offer and support their smooth onboarding process. What’s more, our team remains available even after successful placement. So, you receive ongoing support and professional guidance.

What tools and resources does BrightBirds use for candidate sourcing?

We use diverse tools and resources to recruit top talent. While searching for candidates, we use job sites, LinkedIn, our extensive proprietary candidate database, professional communities, and social networks. Also, we leverage Recruiter.AI—a robust solution that considerably facilitates the entire process. We arrange networking activities and host company-sponsored meetups to find skilled candidates.

What sets BrightBirds apart from other recruitment agencies?

By partnering with us, you enjoy numerous benefits. The first one is our global reach—we search for talent in more than 20 countries. In 2023, we successfully filled over 2,000 positions across various industries and levels, from subject-matter experts to C-level managers. Our proficient recruiters deliver exceptional service, ensuring that you receive your first CVs within 2 days and conduct the first interview within two weeks. All our processes are transparent, and we give you clear insights into the progress of your recruitment campaigns. We truly understand the value of finding the right talent. Our ability to quickly scale our team of sourcers and recruiters allows us to meet all the needs of our clients when top-notch professionals in certain sectors are in high demand. We cooperate with our parent company and other partners to constantly enhance our capacities.

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